George Deek

Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan

The Relations between Israel and Azerbaijan are founded on solid foundations of friendship and
partnership, on the governmental level and on the people’s level. The Israel-Azerbaijan Chamber
of Commerce has played an important role in strengthening one of the most important aspects of
our friendship – the relations between the business communities.
The Embassy of Israel in Azerbaijan commends the Chamber’s efforts in connecting companies
from both countries, familiarizing them with the business environment, while assisting them in
doing business as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Today, our countries enjoy stronger
bilateral trade relations in agriculture, technology, healthcare, water management, and many
other areas.
The Chamber has made an appreciated contribution to the success story of our relations. We look
forward to working together in the coming future on developing our trade and economic relations
even beyond the current scope.

George Deek
Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Azerbaijan