Rafael Harpaz

Former İsraeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan

On behalf of the Israeli Embassy in Azerbaijan, I would like to congratulate the opening of the Chamber of Commerce Israel – Azerbaijan, which is a new milestone in relations between the two countries. It gives additional meaning to our efforts to expand and deepen existing relationships.
Since the establishment of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Israel and the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Baku in 1993, there has been continuous development of business ties between the two countries in various fields as energy , technology , health , agriculture , water and many other.
Today many Israeli companies understand the business potential in Azerbaijan and the different opportunities for sharing their Israeli knowledge and technologies with local business entities.
At the same time , bilateral political relations between the two countries continue to step up and get continual expression in bilateral meetings between the countries’ leaders, signingmutual agreements , etc.
We are convinced that relations between the two countries will continue to evolve and we are confident that the new Chamber of Commerce will make a significant contribution to it.