Presentations in the field of Agriculture were demonstrated at ADA University within the framework of the Azerbaijani-Israeli Innovation Forum.

Within the framework of the event, in the panel "Agriculture", the company "RAMAT-NEGEV" presented its slides in the field of agriculture. The event was attended by officials of both countries, representatives of various organizations, business associations, higher educational institutions, experts and businessmen. Ramat Negev Desert Agro-Research Center (RNDARC) Ramat Negev Desert Agro-Research Center operates within the framework of the Ramat Negev Regional Council (Israel). It is funded by JNF, Ministry of Agriculture, the Office of Development of the Negev and Galilee, and the Settlement Division of the Zionist Federation. The Experimental Center was established about 50 years ago as part of the project of setting up regional R&D's. Its main purpose was to encourage the development of agriculture in the peripheral areas, taking advantage of the local natural resources. RNDARC is focuses on applied research and works in close cooperation with the farmers, the research instructors, and the academic institutions in Israel which deal with agriculture.