Categories Special Services

  • Business Delegations

    We organize Israeli trade delegations to Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijani delegations to Israel, in different industries and markets.

  • Certification

    Issuing of Certificate of company existence for Israeli companies. Issuing of Certificate of Origin for products of Israeli companies

  • Tax Services

    Tax Registration – We assist companies with their company registration with the Tax Authorities. Companies performing business activities in Azerbaijan and/or Israel may be required to register

  • Supplier Search

    According to your needs, we identify possible suppliers and provide you with their contact details and specific product information.

  • Business Partner Search

    We assist you with finding suitable business partners. Based on your company background, your products and your target groups, we identify companies and send you a list for your review. We facilitate introductions and can take care of a pre-selection. We schedule meetings with companies on your behalf and organize a business trip.

  • Market Research

    We research information about the Israeli and Azerbaijani market according to your specifications and your company’s individual requirements.

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