• Visit of IACCI Education Committee in Baku

    One of the most interesting and important events during the first visit (September 2013) of the deligation of IACCI (Israel – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to Baku was a meeting at Baku branch of the Moscow State University.

    The deligates had very productive meeting with Rector of the University, Professor Nargiz Pashaeva. The discussion included possible ways for collaboration between two educational systems. Both sides agreed that such relationships could be effective for students, teachers and researchers in two countries.

    Later on, the board member of IACCI, Mark Applebaum (Ph.D). gave a lecture to students and lectors. Professor Azad Tagi-zade, the vice rector of the University when presented the guest, noted that Mark Applebaum is an author of more than 50 articles and ten books, devoted to different questions of problems of mathematical education. He also emphasized that the invited lecturer was graduated by faculty of mathematics from the Baku State University, and Professor Tagi-zade himself was his supervisor.

    The subject of lecture was devoted to various aspects of mathematical education in a quickly changing environment. The special attention was paid to questions of decrease in interest to studying of mathematics both at schools and in universities.

    Applebaum also noted need and ways of development of a non-standard thinking at young generation and possibility of its application in various spheres of life and activity. Students and researchers the attented the lecture took active part in discussion followed the lecture on humanitarian component of mathematics and its role in development of the growing-up personality.

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