• Azersu

    The State Water Company of Azerbaijan Republic “Azersu” sent a delegation consisting 6 people headed by First Deputy Chairman Teyyub Jabbarov to visit WATEC exhibition and conference.

    The delegation was a guest and accompanied by CEO of IACCI Dr. Arie Mishna.

    Within the frame of the visit, Mr. Teyyub Jabbarov held meeting with Mr. Simon Ben Hamo, CEO of Melkorot and visited expositions of several Israel companies (ODIS, Zet, Applied Clean Tech,ARI, Triple-T…) presented in the exhibition.

    The members of delegation visited Mekorot and MeiAvivim office, Mekorot Wastewater purification, IDE Facility for water purification, Triple-T Facility for water cleaning , members of delegation visited Mekorot and Mei Avivim main offices.

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