• Dinner with Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan

    Yesterday, February 18th , in Tel Aviv, a dinner was given in honor of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan , Mr. Heydar Asadov . The evening was organized by the Chamber of Commerce Israel – Azerbaijan. The dinner was attended by representatives of the Azerbaijani delegation and leading Israeli companies in the agricultural sectors, members of the Chamber of Commerce.

    The evening was opened by President of Chamber of Commerce , Mr. Alex Kaplun . He welcomed Mr. Asadov and all the guests and presented participants on the Israeli side .

    Mr. Assadov, in turn, introduced the members of the Azerbaijani delegation and gave a brief overview of agriculture situation in Azerbaijan and objectives of his visit .

    In the continuation of the evening Israeli companies presented their technologies and solutions. Among the projects there were presented large greenhouses construction projects, poultry farms, technology of pollination and control of insect pests and many others.

    Very good business atmosphere and interesting professional discussion was being conducted during the evening.

    In conclusion, Mr. Assadov warmly thanked the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce for their hospitality and the companies for the interesting professional presentations.

    In turn , Alex Kaplun expressed deep appreciation for the time of Mr. Asadov and his delegations and willingness of Chamber of Commerce to make every effort for the mutual development of business relations between the Israeli and Azerbaijani organizations.

    During the whole visit in Israel, the Azerbaijani delegation was accompanied by CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Arie Mishna.

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