Oil & Gas Security Forum 2014 in Baku Supported by IACCI

Central Asia and Caspian Oil & Gas Security Forum 2014 will take place on 8-9th April in Baku, Azerbaijan and will be supported by IACCI.

Security is the most pressing concern for the oil and gas industry of the Central Asia and Caspian region at present. Globally, targeting of energy infrastructure is at an all-time high and the trend is regrettably increasing. The Central Asia and Caspian countries are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and though secure compared to many other oil rich countries, there are a number of specific security challenges that have to be addressed by international and national oil companies in the region.

 The Central Asia and Caspian Oil & Gas Security Forum 2014 will address counter-terrorism, theft prevention, pipeline and infrastructure protection, relations with the local community, maritime security, and cyber security. There will be a number of high profile security case studies focused on regions across Central Asia and the Caspian.

IACCI – Israel Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and Industry encouraged Israel companies to participate in this Forum, and it is Supporting Organization in this event. oilgas-support