IACCI Roadshow, Baku, July 2015

Roadshow at Baku, Azerbaijan, July 2015

IACCI, Israel-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce is planning its Roadshow in Azerbaijan in the second half of July. The event is planned with encouraging of The Embassy of Israel in Baku and The Israel Export& International Cooperation Institute.

The Roadshow will be focused on IT solutions for different areas, such as Telecom, Finance, Insurance, Critical Infrastructure and others. The Roadshow will be built on basis of one-on-one meetings with leading Azerbaijani companies from different industries. Among them, you will be able to meet Telecom Fixed and Mobile Operators, Banks, Insurance companies, Oil&Gaz organizations, leading System Integrators and other Enterprises. All the meetings will be carefully scheduled according to solutions and priorities of Israeli delegation.

Participation price will include pre-travel meetings and planning, one-on-one meetings organizing, 24×7 assistance of IACCI representative during the whole trip, discounted prices for hotels, local transportation (optionally) and any needed consultation.

The participation price is:

 360 $ for IACCI members

1000$ for non-members

Point of contact for road show is the CEO of IACCI, Dr. Arie Mishna (0544646322, [email protected]).